Fertility Doula Services

A Fertility Doula is one that walks along with mothers or couples trying to conceive, whether that journey lasts a month, six months, a year, or longer.  Whether a couple conceives without intervention, with IVF, or explores fostering and adoption, every journey to parenthood should be celebrated.  Sometimes it is comforting to have an extra team mate.  Someone who has walked this road before, exploring various paths, and cares about you and your future child.  I want to be that someone for you.


  • An in-person meeting to discuss your goals, and where you are in your fertility journey every three months

  • Bi-weekly scheduled check-in calls as you journey towards parenthood

  • Unlimited phone and email communication to answer questions about fertility and conception

  • Unlimited support, affirmations, and love from someone that has dealt with fertility issues

  • Suggestions for local fertility and pregnancy resources 




 Fee: $250

One time fee, due at signing

Discount available for Birth Doula Services after signing