Support Groups

Sometimes, we just need a listening ear...


There are certain aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood that can be challenging at times.  While we all hopefully have a good support system, it is comforting to be around other women experiencing the same things we are.  Please ask me about joining a support email group for the following categories.  In the groups themselves, we will discuss in person meetings for extra support.


  • Fertility and Conception

  • Pregnancy Questions

  • "Invisible Woman" - Mothers Build the Cathedrals



I was deemed "infertile" at one time.  I hate that word.  It is used far too often in our society today.  I promised God when I had my miracle children that I would talk to any woman out there that was struggling to have a baby.  If you need some one on one talking time, please call me.  I promise not to give advice, unless you ask for it.  I promise to listen.  And I may ask to pray over you, but only if you are comfortable with it.  I do not push my beliefs on anyone.  I will talk with you over the phone, or we can meet in person.  Desiring to have a baby means you are already a mother.  You're just on a journey to meet your child.