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Increasing the Chances of Conception

It is true that fertility affects all of us. Once we enter the reproductive years in elementary school and travel until we arrive at menopause, we are surrounded by fertility. We are learning about our bodies, trying to avoid pregnancy, or trying to achieve pregnancy. And the more we know, the healthier we can be. We are also more likely to achieve our fertility goals.

My current fertility goal is avoiding pregnancy. I track my cycles each month to pinpoint my fertile window, my husband has had a vasectomy, and we test his semen once a year to insure that he is still sterile.

But once upon a time, we were a young couple battling infertility. We were also a family with a baby and a surprise pregnancy. And one day, I will enter menopause, and I know there will be different challenges to meet. Goals change and adapt.

What is your current fertility goal?

Ways to Boost Your Fertility

If your current goal is conception, there are many ways to boost your chances of becoming pregnant. The healthier you and your partner (or sperm donor) are, the higher the chances of becoming pregnant with a healthy baby. For a detailed list of action items, message me to schedule a class. But a good way to get started:

  • Track your cycle, and know your fertile window

  • Eat healthy fats: nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil, avocados

  • Avoid processed foods

  • Limit or avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners

  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables, when you can

  • Test your Vit D levels, and supplement if low

  • Take methylfolate instead of folic acid

  • Talk to your care provider about supplements for you and your partner that could boost egg and sperm quality - CoQ10, Vit E, Vit C, etc

Good Resources:

Whatever your fertility goal, knowing more about your body can help you achieve it. Here are some good resources to start learning more:

  • It Starts With The Egg by Rebecca Fett

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

  • Perfect Hormone Balance for Pregnancy by Robert Greene

  • Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility by Robert Greene

  • A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control by Margaret Nofziger

Have a fantastic week! And thank you to everyone that has sent me an email, updating on what’s new with you. I love reading them and seeing pictures of you and your families.

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