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Fertility Services

I have had a busy week (as you can tell since my normal Monday email is arriving on Wednesday…), and it keeps getting busier!

My fertility offerings are now in full swing, and I can’t wait to talk about them below with you. Since opening those options, I have been adding lots of classes to my schedule. This week, I had the absolute privilege of speaking to a high school class about the birth process, being a doula, and fertility awareness. One question that was asked, “Do you enjoy being a doula?”, made me smile and then tear up as I thought through all of my past clients. Watching a birth is powerful, and I cherish every single one.

I also had the honor of teaching a class for girls approaching their first period. I let them know some signs that menarche may start soon, what to expect, and the ins and outs of what happens each cycle. The girls asked SO many good questions! And I hope I made them feel excited and prepared about this next part of their lives. I am planning to offer this class again in the future, because it was so well received.

Fertility Services

My fertility services are more than just helping people through IVF! I am offering a wide range of classes and services to support people at lots of different stages of the reproductive years. Whether you are using assisted reproductive technology, thinking about trying and wanting to increase your knowledge, or even just wanting to know more about how your body works to keep a better eye on your own health, I have a service perfect for you.

  • Cycle Awareness Classes

  • For Pregnancy Achievement

  • For Pregnancy Avoidance

  • Fertility Doula Support

  • Menarche Classes

Please Share!

I am so excited about these new services and classes, and I would love if you would share this email or my website with someone who may need this support.

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Smile. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather. And have a great day!


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